Maker’s Manifesto

Find a Maker’s Manifesto or Maker’s Bill of Rights.  Be sure to cite your source! would you modify the manifesto to reflect your ideas and values?  Think about the deconstruction/reconstruction project.  Was your object difficult to take apart?  Do you think you could fix it if it broke?

I would modify it to have more freedom. Some of the rules are strict, like screws over glues, I think glues are great! The deconstruction/reconstruction project did not have these kinds of rules it was open to anything in the room and no boundaries or guidelines. My object was a pager and it was not difficult to take apart, there were two screws that I took out and it opened. I don’t think I could fix it if it broke because there was a circuit board and I don’t know how to do that.

You might also consider things you’re tried to make or fix in the past.  What would have made the experience better for you?

Having a lot of supplies available to me while making is always ideal. I feel like I have more freedom with more material. But not having as much material is also a good way to figure out how to make something with less available.

Think also about the things you own.  Could you fix them if they broke?  Are there things about them that frustrate you (like proprietary power cords)?

Generally, the things I own I probably couldn’t fix them if they broke. I like making things but I can’t say I am great at fixing things. I get frustrated with more technology-based objects and not being able to fix them.

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